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The Other-Worldly Informer

16 December
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We praise the wondrous and heroic (Pshaw, as if) efforts of Demigoddess Extraordinaire Noreen Kim, the Empress of Pluto Jamie E., Usurper King Kyle, the Emperor of the Starburst Galaxy Andrew S., Professional Hitch Hiker Rachel L., Semi-Loofah Sarah J. of Norwegia, Queen (Furbie Lover vagrant) Lauren S., and R.O.A.T.O.E. Mackenzie M.
We serve as the creators and authors of the much revered royal newsletter: The Other-Worldly Informer. Yes, this is where the magic happens. Here, you can read the most revered Plutonian newsletter there is, and get yourself the news first. The primary author, Editor-In-Chief, etc., etc., of this proud newsletter is Empress Jamie E. Actually, unless marked otherwise, everything about the Other-Worldly Informer was written by her. Demigoddess Extraordinaire Noreen Kim is the one who got our operation onto LiveJournal, so she too deserves a hefty thanks and a great deal of accolades. She is also the most frequent author of additions.
So what, exactly, is the Other-Worldly Informer? It is the single greatest newsletter ever to hit Pluto; why? First off, each week there is one or more thrilling, exciting, jaw-dropping report of recent events on Pluto, in Andromeda, or in the cosmos. Along with these are several articles, each containing the most reliable Plutonian news (it helps when the Empress is Editor-In-Chief). That means that anything you read anywhere else isn't as reliable. Fans of the Informer claim that it is "astounding", "amazing", "spectacular", "the best thing I read regularly", "awesome", and "Your weekly dose of all things astronomically perfect". And there you have it; the most awesome ever contained in a document.
You can find the new issues in our Journal, while we anticipate your comments.
Please read and write your responses in a comment. A letter, for a more accurate term -- you listed above all know what to do.
Most importantly, enjoy! This is what the Other-Worldly Informer is all about. The readers (and the author. She's important too.)

For the record, the location listed on this page is when we operate out of Earth. They, unfortunately, did not have Pluto in their vastly inferior scroll-down menu. And, as we are still unsure of Earth's overly-complicated geography, some of the data may be off.
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